Wedding Seating Plans

Wedding Top Table Layout & How To Arrange Your Seating Plan

Arranging your reception seating plan will probably become your least favorite task of planning your wedding. You will start off knowing exactly where you want your guests to sit and hours later most of your wedding guests will be sat on different tables, with different people to what you originally had planned! But don’t worry 99% percent of brides will agree that although organizing your seating plan may bring out the bridezilla in you, your seating plan will fall into place in the end. It can be quite difficult to decide which of your wedding guests should be sat with who, who is going to get on with who and so on. Just remember your guests will probably only be sat together for the duration of the wedding breakfast, and after the meal they are free to roam or sit wherever they want.

Here are my top 5 tips when organizing your seating plan:

  1. Arrange your guests so its boy, girl, boy girl
  2. If you are having a few bridesmaids and ushers, maybe have one bridesmaid or usher representing each table
  3. If you have guests coming from abroad and you know their language will be limited, maybe sit them all on one table so at least they can chat to each other.
  4. Try and have at least one chatterbox on each table, at least the conversation will not run out
  5. If you have young children at your wedding reception don’t forget to have an activity pack for them on the table, a great way to keep them entertained during the reception and also a perfect keepsake of your wedding day.

Who sits where at the top table?
This is one question I always get asked…. How should I arrange guests on the top table? The picture below shows the traditional layout for your top table. This is only a guide and you can either add or remove guests on the top table as you wish or have your own layout.


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