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Wording for No Children at Wedding

Weddings should be a special day for all couples to celebrate their marriage with close families and friends, whether it’s a small intimate wedding to a lavish all-day celebration. When choosing which guests to invite some couples prefer not to encourage children to their wedding day for all types of reasons. How do you politely ask your guests that you would prefer children not to attend your wedding day? I have been asked this a lot over the years, so I have compiled a list of wording and phrases that you can use to add to your invitations. The wording examples can be altered or rephrased to suit each couple. You are welcome to use the samples in your wedding invitations.

  1. Adult only reception

2. While we love the little ones, this is an adult only celebration

3 . We would love for your children to attend the ceremony; however, the wedding reception will be an adult celebration

4. With respect, we would like our special day to be an adult only occasion

5. We would like to ask that our wedding day be for adults only respectfully

6. To keep numbers to a minimum, unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate children at our wedding

7. Due to the small size of our wedding venue, we are unable to invite children. We also thought you might enjoy a night off and party the night away with us.”

There may be occasions you want to invite some children but not all! This is a tricky one, but maybe these phrases will help:

  1. To cut down on costs, I’m afraid we can only accommodate children of immediate family members. We hope you will enjoy having a night off!”
  2. To keep numbers to a minimum, we can only invite a small number of children. We also thought you might like a night off!”

I hope my examples help when planning your wording for wedding invitations.

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