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Asking for Money as a Wedding gift

In most countries, it is common for wedding guests to give money to the wedding couple as a gift. In the UK it has not always been the tradition to do so, and instead, a gift list was the norm, but nowadays giving money is becoming more popular and couples prefer this so they can… Continue reading Asking for Money as a Wedding gift

Wedding Reception Stationery

The Wedding Breakfast

Have you ever questioned why it is called the Wedding Breakfast? Well traditionally the wedding couple would fast before their ceremony, and this would be the primary meal for the couple and wedding guests, nowadays it is just a big feast to celebrate the marriage, it can be a formal sit down meal with food… Continue reading The Wedding Breakfast

Special Occasion Cards

Luxury Congratulations Cards

Another bank holiday weekend is coming up, fingers crossed we get some sun. This weekend I will be launching a new collection of Luxury Congratulations cards. This has been on my to-do list for a while, but I never seem to have the time to start on new projects, although my head is always full… Continue reading Luxury Congratulations Cards

Wording Guides

Wording for No Children at Wedding

Weddings should be a special day for all couples to celebrate their marriage with close families and friends, whether it’s a small intimate wedding to a lavish all-day celebration. When choosing which guests to invite some couples prefer not to encourage children to their wedding day for all types of reasons. How do you politely… Continue reading Wording for No Children at Wedding